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It's the summer of 2017,

Aunt Michelle is visiting for a birthday celebration and she makes us her speciality, Rum & Raisin Ice Cream.

Everyone goes wild and raves about it! We very quickly realise that this ice cream is unlike any other ice cream. We ask her to show us how.

Aunt Michelle waves goodbye and leaves for home in

South Africa. We borrow her base recipe and we talk, trial and taste.

We give it a little 'oomph'. We spend months and months endlessly talking, trialling and tasting.


Eventually, we found that the little bit of 'oomph' we gave it, is actually known as 'Panache'.



Since 2017, we have been selling our creations at food festivals, events, markets and more. We can be found scooping most weekends at London's Greenwich Market.

2021 has seen us introduce our exciting, new take home range which can now be found in some of the UK's top food retailers. This means you can get your Panache fix morning, noon and night!

Here's to the summer!

Team Panache x



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